mandag 17. desember 2012

Project 4550: Superheroes

Over the last 6 weeks of our first semester, we were working on a project called 4550. The task was to design a superhero character and create a 2D killershot image that we would later create into a 3D image. Our style guide was Pocoyo, though we moved a bit away from that as the project went on.

Teacher: Luis Cook
The first week was spent designing our characters, and coming up with a good background story and setting for them. We then created our killershot images based on our ideas, and made some turnaround sketches of our characters that we could model after. My character is a young teenage girl called Amber, whose power is to turn into pure energy. Her superhero name is Shooting Star.

Teacher: Leigh Russel
The next 3 weeks were spent modeling, UV mapping and rigging our characters, so that we could pose them as we wanted. All work was done in Maya.

Teacher: Bo Mathorne
The last 2 weeks we worked on texturing, lighting and rendering, something I enjoyed very much. Compositing was done in After Effects and Photoshop CS6. The final result ended up looking like this.

Overall, I've enjoyed the project very much, despite technical difficulties sometimes during the process. I have learned a lot, and I look forward to see how much I've improved by the time we get our next big project.

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