søndag 25. august 2013

Personal work: Paintings

Here are some personal pieces that I've made over the summer, both complete paintings and sketches. All are painted in Photoshop.

Centaur Hunter:
An experiment with centaur anatomy.

Blood Allergy:
"Herbert was thrilled to finally get to visit his girlfriend's parents, who were both well known as some of the strongest and oldest vampires in Europe. Unfortunately for him, he got to experience the full extent of his blood allergy, when the one, rare kind he was allergic to, happened to be served that very night. Oh, the shame..."

Dragon Portrait:
Around 50 minutes in Photoshop CS6.

Around 1-1,5 hours on each sketch, Photoshop CS5.

Around 2 hours in Photoshop CS5. Inspired by Pacific Rim.

Around 1,5-2 hours on each sketch, Photoshop CS5. Focus on storytelling, composition and colours.

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