søndag 25. august 2013

Personal 3D work

Over the summer holiday, I started to play a bit around with 3D sculpting. I still find it a bit tricky to use the tools and get what I want, but it's getting better with each sculpt I make. I mostly worked in Sculptris, and then I've started to learn Zbrush as well.

Human bust:
All made in Sculptris. This is the second sculpt I tried making, and I spent a whole afternoon/evening trying to get the hang of it. In the end I got something that started to look alright.

Undead horse:
All made in Sculptris. I wanted to challenge myself and make a whole creature, and seeing as I'm quite fond of horses, it ended up being an undead horse. It was really fun to make this.

Mostly made in Sculptris, then details and some refining were added in Zbrush.

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