onsdag 18. desember 2013

The Trailer Project


This semester has been spent working on one big project called the Trailer Project. We were divided into groups of 4 CG artists and 4 animators, and each group got a classic movie that they were going to remake a trailer for in 3D. A lot of creative freedom was given, something we appreciated a lot.


My group got the Italian film "The Bicycle Thieves" (1948). The whole group worked together over the first 2 weeks, working on story and concept designs. I spent a lot of time working on environments, as well as testing out some mood paintings. In the end, we settled on having an environment with a big, tower-like city, where the richest people lived on top, and then have it surrounded by slums and poor villages on the ground. We wanted to have a flying bicycle that the main characters could fly around with, high up in the city, where they put up posters for a living.


Once pre-production was done, the animators left the project for quite some time before it was time for them to animate the different shots. In the CG class, we created the DLO, or 3D storyboard, before we started modeling the characters and sets.

We had 4 characters in our project, one for each CG artist. I was in charge of the lille kid called Bruno. I started by sculpting him in Zbrush, following the design one of the animators in my group had made.

 After the Zbrush sculpt was done, I retopologized the character in Maya. Then I rigged it, and passed it on to the animators so that they could animate the shots while me and the rest of the CG's were working on textures and shading.

Once the animation was done, we put it onto our sets, and did the final lighting and shading. I was mainly working on the shots that took place inside the city. Here are a couple of images showing what it ended up looking like, or at least very close to final:

 And here's the final result, after spending 4 long months working on the project:

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