fredag 4. april 2014

Project Quadruped

For the past 10 weeks, we have been working on what is called Project Quadruped. The goal was to design a four-legged creature, recreate it in 3D, and then have it animated and integrated into a live action background. We teamed up in teams of 1 CG artist and 1-2 animators. I had 2 animators on my team, Agnete Winther and Ekaterina Gusarova.

Together, we created The Greater Magnificent Armor Beast. I had a ton of fun designing and modeling it, and I think my animators did a great job on the animations they did.

 Design, made in cooperation with my animators:

Zbrush sculpture:

Retopologized and rigged Maya model:

Shading & lighting WIP:

 Lighting with geocashed animation by Ekaterina Gusarova:

Final composited clip. Animation by Agnete Winther:

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