torsdag 11. september 2014

Exam Project, 2014

I finally got around to upload more work on this blog now.

This was my exam project at the end of my 2nd year at the Animation Workshop. Out of 4 different assignments to choose between, I chose the concept art assignment. The task was to write a story, design 2 characters for it, make a final illustration containing both characters, and then make the illustration into a 2,5d animation with moving layers.

The story is about an isolated town that is being haunted by the ghost of a legendary hunter who died 200 years earlier. He hunts down the other hunters from the town in the surrounding woods, in an attempt to punish the people who wrongly accused his loved one for being a witch 200 years earlier, and killed her. Her soul was trapped, and he will not rest in peace as long as she can’t go with him.

An ambitious girl, Amy, sets out to hunt down the ghost herself, after he killed her father. In her attempt, she struggles to remain the hunter rather than the prey, and this illustration shows a moment from the hunt between the two characters.

Character design:

Final illustration with thumbnails/colour thumbnails:


Exam project: The Restless Hunt from Michelle Tolo on Vimeo.

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